Cyprus in the prehistory of wine (Book published March 14, 2017


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Author  Maria Rosaria Belgiorno
Publisher  ARMONIA Associazione Culturale
Publication Date   March 14, 2017
ISBN  8890574100
Pages  112

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This booklet provides a wonderful overview of the history and evolution of wine and ceramic production in Cyprus and its context not only within the Mediterranean, but also across Europe, and the Near and Middle East. Maria Rosaria Belgiorno demonstrates the significance of wine production in relation to ceramics, the development of which is intrinsically linked to the development of wine production in Cyprus, and its position religiously and socially. Following this, Alessandro Lentini’s scientific approach and analysis provides a logical perspective allowing for the understanding of the development of wine production in a geographically, and climatically perfect area. Thus, allowing for specific wine species to thrive in Cyprus. The authors’ contributions complement each other in the explanation of wine and ceramic production in Cyprus within the context of the Mediterranean and areas further afield. While, its significance and dominance amongst the Cypriot Bronze Age community is clearly demonstrated archaeologically and scientifically in an interesting and encouraging read.

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