The Necropolis of Cyrene

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Author  James Copland Thorn
Publisher  L'Erma di Bretschneider
Publication Date   December 31, 2005
ISBN  8882653390
Pages  830

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Acknowledgements, Copyright and The Archives; Preface:; Introduction and Architectural Terms; CHAPTER I: PREVIOUS EXPLORATIONS; CHAPTER II: ROWES NECROPOLIS STUDIES: Tomb Studies: Northern; Eastern; Southern; CHAPTER III: ROWES NECROPOLIS EXCAVATION:Tomb Studies: Rock-cut Tombs N. 83 Area; Rock-cut Tombs N. 82 Area; Rock-cut Tombs N. 81 Area; CHAPTER IV: ROCKCUT TOMB MORPHOLOGY: Rock-cut Tombs; CHAPTER V: BUILT TOMB MORPHOLOGY: Rectangular Built Tombs; Square Built Tombs; Circular Built Tombs; Sarcophagi; Furnishings; CHAPTER VI: DISCUSSION: Cyrenaica and Marmarica; Eastern Greeks; Greek Islands; Mainland Greece; Western Greeks; Conclusion; CHAPTER VII: CATALOGUE OF BURIAL ACCOUTREMENTS: Architectural Elements; Burial Furniture; Burial Monuments; Burial Practice; List of Photographic Sources; Abbreviations; Bibliography; The Catalogue of Artifacts, with its Abbreviations and Bibliography, appears separately.

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