Biblical And Oriental Essays In Memory Of William...

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Publisher  Gregorian & Biblical Press
Publication Date   April 11, 2005
ISBN  8876533516
Pages  216

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The essays in this volume are dedicated to the memory of William L. Moran (1921-2000). They are written by his friends and former colleagues at the two institutions where he spent a good part of his life and career: the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome (1958-1966) and the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University (1966-1990).

The contributions reflect Bill's wide-ranging interests in Assyriology, Biblical Studies, and Semitic Philology. T. ABUSCH, «The Promise to Praise the God in Suilla Prayer». P. STEINKELLER, «Of Stars and Men: The Conceptual and Mythological Setup of Babylonian Extispicy». N. LOHFINK, «Die An- und Absageformel in der hebräischen Bibel: Zum Hintergrund des deuteronomischen Vier|berschriftensystems». R. NEUDECKER, «Der Lehrer-Gott vom Berg Sinai: Ein interreligiöser Zugang». C. MORRISON, «The Function of qtal hwâ in Classical Syriac Narrative». A. GIANTO, «Some Notes on Evidentiality in Biblical Hebrew». J. HUEHNERGARD, «Features of Central Semitic».

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