Guide to Underground Rome


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Author  Carlo Pavia
Publisher  Gangemi Editore
Publication Date   April 15, 2010
ISBN  8874489943
Pages  402

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A brief glance at the title of this book immediately brings one question to mind: Is it really possible that so much beauty and such an immense number of unexplored spaces could be hiding underneath Rome? A perfectly legitimate question, since so few people have had the opportunity that Carlo Pavia has to experience these sensations which he has so admirably been able to translate into words and images.

Placing himself in his readers' shoes, his language clear and charming, Pavia takes them practically by the hand down into the bowels of the city, with descriptions that illuminate without being too technical. The result is a book suitable for everyone, and the essential vademecum for those wishing to undertake a visit to the largest hidden museum in the world: Underground Rome.

Written in English and Italian.

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