Peru (Book published February 28, 2019)


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Publisher  5 Continents Editions Srl
Publication Date   February 28, 2019
ISBN  8874396295
Pages  380

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•The mysterious beauty of Punu masks and the artistic culture of Gabon are presented in a detailed and engaging book accompanied by numerous full-color illustrations

Accompanying a major traveling exhibition, this ambitious volume showcases more than 4,000 years of Peruvian art in approximately 350 diverse, exciting works. A large selection of pre-Columbian treasures, along with masterpieces dating from the colonial era and striking modern paintings and sculptures produced during the first half of the twentieth century, offer new perspectives on the rich cultural identity of the country. In this richly illustrated reference book, more than twenty international contributors explore the mythologies and rituals of ancient Andean civilizations; their perpetuation, concealment, or hybridization with Catholicism during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; and the rediscovery and valorization of Peruvian popular traditions and faiths in the twentieth century.

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