The Assyrians and The Babylonians


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Author  Alfredo Rizza
Publisher  White Star
Publication Date   September 25, 2007
ISBN  8854402680
Pages  208

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This meticulously researched and handsomely illustrated volume explores the chronology, historic events, key public figures, and cultural legacy of the Assyro-Babylonian civilization. Tracing the roots of this ancient society to 3000—2001 BC, historian Alfredo Rizza reveals the impact of various earlier civilizations on the development of Mesopotamia in the second and first millennium BC (ca. 2000—500 BC). Offering fresh insight into the pivotal historical events and the complex political and cultural configuration of the Assyrians and Babylonians, this book delves into the convergence in Mesopotamia of various ethnic and cultural groups. The authoritative text describes the role played by each group in trade, diplomatic relations, cultural heritage, and military action. Specially commissioned photographs depict the topography, archaeology, and antiquities of this ancient civilization, including stone reliefs discovered in royal palaces depicting battle scenes, kings with different deities conducting religious ceremonies, ziggurats, ornate gates guarding the cities, and much more, all of which reveal details of this intriguing epoch.

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