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Author  Stefano Maggi
Publisher  White Star
Publication Date   February 20, 2007
ISBN  8854402028
Pages  208

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This lavishly illustrated volume invites readers to delve into the source of the oldest and most authentic roots of Western civilization, and to immerse themselves in the world of the ancient Greeks-their historical development, cultural horizons, art, and architecture. Hundreds of photographs, aerial views, three-dimensional reconstructions, and details of artifacts reveal the groundbreaking genius of this remarkable civilization. From Minos to the Roman conquest, historical milestones in Greek civilization are examined in an authoritative yet accessible text that presents the most up-to-date findings on the development of Greek art, architecture, and religion. Encompassing its artistic and architectural legacy, military victories, aspects of everyday life, and its inevitable decline, this volume is at once meticulously researched and highly engaging, presenting a well-rounded perspective on the breadth of Greek culture. Chapters include: The Origins of Ancient Greece, The Rise of Greece, Greek Dark Ages: Social and Political Conflicts, The Dominance of Athens, The Rise of Macedon, The Conquest of Alexander, and Greek Society.

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