Illerup Ådal 11-12

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Author  Marcin Biborski
Publisher  Aarhus University Press
Publication Date   June 1, 2007
ISBN  8788415384
Pages  824

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Vols. 11 and 12 of the Illerup publications present the largest known find of Roman sword blades, and the matching handles and sheaths. Here, as in the previous volumes, you will find full documentation of finds and contexts (supplemented by de luxe photos in Vol. 7 and plan drawings in Vol. 8). The main theme is the relationship between the Roman Empire and Northern Europe, which the sword material indeed exemplifies - the blades being mainly of Roman manufacture, while the handles and sheaths are of mixed origin. The analyses have been carried out in international cooperation, i.e. the sword blades and their stamps have been analysed by Marcin Biborski of the University of Krakow, while the handles and sheaths have been dealt with by Jorgen Ilkjaer, and the summary and conclusion have been written by both of them in cooperation.

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