The Roads of Ancient Cyprus

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Author  Tonnes Bekker-Nielsen
Publisher  Museum Tusculanum Press
Publication Date   September 1, 2004
ISBN  8772899565
Pages  337

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The earliest roads in Cyprus go back to the Bronze Age, and by the end of the Hellenistic period the road network encircled the entire island. More roads were added and older roads rebuilt during the Roman period to serve the needs of the provincial administration as well as of the individual cities. This book, the first on its subject, traces the development of the Cypriot road network over a period of a thousand years, drawing on a combination of archaeological, epigraphic and literary sources. Separate chapters deal with travelers and life on the road, transport technology and the legal and administrative context of road building. It is often assumed that the primary purpose of Roman road building was military domination, but, as this study demonstrates, road development in Cyprus is best understood in terms of communication between cities and their territories and the day-to-day exchanges between town and countryside.

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