Danish Contributions to Classical Scholarship 1971-1991...

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Author  Flemming Gorm Andersen
Publisher  Museum Tusculanum Press
Publication Date   May 19, 2004
ISBN  8772898224
Pages  160

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For generations, the Royal Library in Denmark has contributed to or published bibliographies within the field of humanities and social sciences. This bibliography of Classical studies is a continuation of P.A. Hansen's Bibliography of Danish Contributions to Classical Scholarship from the Sixteenth Century to 1970 (Copenhagen 1977), continuing up to 1991. It restricts itself to Classical Antiquity, from which follows the exclusion of Theology (comprising works by or on Christian writers in antiquity, as well as the Scriptures), Middle Latin, Byzantine Greek (scholia on classical writers excepted), the Classical tradition, and the ancient cultures outside the classical world.

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