Thermae et Balnea (Book published December 31, 1993)


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Author  Inge Nielsen
Publisher  Aarhus University Press
Publication Date   December 31, 1993
ISBN  8772885122
Pages  421

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This large-format, two-volume work is a study of the architecture and cultural history of Roman Public Baths. With more than 200 ground-plans of baths from all parts of the Empire, the discussion begins with the development of baths in Italy, then considers the various types of baths in the provinces, whilst finally the institution of bathing and the social role of the baths is discussed. `Arguably the most comprehensive treatment of the subject to date, it offers a formidable wealth of archaeological and epigraphical information on Roman baths and bathing across three continents... Thermae et Balnea is a serious, comprehensive, and authoritative sourcebook...' F K Yegul, American Journal of Archaeology.

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