Red-figure Pottery in its Ancient Setting... (Book published


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Author  Stine Schierup
Publisher  Aarhus University Press
Publication Date   May 30, 2012
ISBN  8771240519
Pages  180

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Contributions on a variety of topics, e.g. mantle-figures on Athenian late classical red-figure, white-ground cups in fifth-century graves, late 'Apulian' red-figure vases, an overview of Athenian pottery in Southern Italy and Sicily, the Panathenaic amphora shape in Southern Italian red-figure production and Achilles and Troilos in Athens and Etruria. Contributions by Martin Langner, Annie Verbanck-Pierard, Adrienne Lezzi-Hafter, Athena Tsingarida, Maurizio Gualtieri, Helena Fracchia, Victoria Sabetai, Martin Bentz, Thomas Mannack, Stine Scierup and Guy Hedreen.

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