Classica et Mediaevalia Vol 61

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Publisher  Museum Tusculanum Press
Publication Date   December 31, 2010
ISBN  8763536706
Pages  352

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Classica et Mediaevalia is an international periodical with articles written by Danish and foreign scholars. They are mainly published in English, but sometimes in French and German as well. From a philological point of view, the periodical deals with Classical Antiquity in general, and with topics such as history of law, philosophy, and medieval ecclesiastic history. It covers the period from Greek-Roman Antiquity until the Late Middle Ages. Contents in Volume 61 include: The Term dike in Sophocles * Marginal Land, Its Boundaries, and the Rupestral Horoi of Attica * Menstrual Blood in Ancient Rome: An Unspeakable Impurity? * Patrons, Tribes, and Elections: The Roman Senator and Politics * Diplomacy in the Greek Poleis of Asia Minor: Mytilene's Embassy to Tarraco * The Legendary Fate of Pontius Pilate * The Presence of Homer's Achilles in Lucan's Caesar * Lucan's Punic War in the Disticha Catonis * Africain Romanise ou Romain Africanise? Reflexions sur l'identite culturelle de Marcus Cornelius Fronto * An Echo from Nonius Marcellus in Aldhelm's Enigmata * John of Salisbury, 'John' the Translator, and the Posterior Analytics * A Fourteenth-Century Anglo-Latin Ovidian: The liber exulis in John Gower's 1381 Visio Anglie (Vox clamantis 1.1359-1592) * Ein poetischer Lieferschein zu einem Tiertransport des spaten 14. Jahrhunderts: Gryfus von Padua und sein Gedicht uber Masthahne.

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