Classica et Mediaevalia Vol 56

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Publisher  Museum Tusculanum Press
Publication Date   July 10, 2006
ISBN  8763504928
Pages  328

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Classica et Mediaevalia is an international periodical, published annually, with articles written by Danish and international scholars. The articles are mainly written in English, but also in French and German. The periodical deals from a philological point of view on classical antiquity in general and topics such as history of law and philosophy and the medieval ecclesiastic history. Classica et Mediaevalia covers the period from the Greco-Roman Antiquity until the Late Middle Ages. Volume 56 contents include: The Habit of Subsidization in Classical Athens: Toward a Thetic Ideology—A Note on Aristophanes, Clouds 76—A Polis as a Part of a Larger Identity Group: Glimpses from the History of Lepreon—A Monger of Red Herrings: Plato's Method of Dead Ends in Politicus 257a-275c—Epicurean Gods—The Contribution of Ars and Remedia to the Development of Autobiographical Fiction—How Shall We Comprehend the Roman I-Poet? A Reassessment of the Roman Persona-Theory—Juvenal 3.146: A New Interpretation—A Dedication to Silvanus (CIL VI.36827) in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek—The Manly Mother of the Maccabees: Virgilian Influence Upon De Martyrio Maccabaeorum—Codex Angelicus 123 as a Liturgical Manuscript

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