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Author  Carlos Mesa
Publisher  Nowtilus
Publication Date   September 20, 2011
ISBN  8499670415
Pages  304

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Everything You Should Know about World War II presents a complete review for a wide understanding of this military conflict. The book analyzes the causes of the war, from the blitzkrieg strikes of Nazi Germany on Poland and France to the decisive defeat of the German troops in Stalingrad.The most notable events of this war are almost countless. Numerous military officials such as Rommel, Patton, Montgomery, and MacArthur carved a place for themselves in history. Bloody battles were fought in places like El Alamein, Kursk, the Ardennes, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa and various military weapons and instruments made their appearance for the first time, including the fast Panzers, the agile Spitfire, the versatile Jeep, the invaluable radar, or the revolutionary flying bombs. / Todo lo que debe saber de la Segunda Guerra Mundial presenta un completo repaso para tener un conocimiento casi total del conflicto. Se analizan las causas del origen de la guerra, narra desde la triunfal guerra relámpago lanzada por la Alemania nazi contra Polonia o Francia hasta la decisiva derrota sufrida por las tropas alemanas en Stalingrado.

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