Nazis, Una Historia Secreta

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Author  Dino Alreich
Publisher  EDC Corona Borealis SL
Publication Date   March 2, 2012
ISBN  8492635584
Pages  224

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The newspaper reporters Daniel Godwin and Eli Salem receive and enigmatic call from Alexander Deike, a former member of Hitlers Schutz-Staffel (SS). The mysterious old man assures them that he has a message that the world must know. Before mysteriously disappearing, Alexander Deike makes several statements that reveal some of the most guarded secrets of powerful fascist, whose puppets were the Nazis. Alexander Deike identifies these forces and powerful groups who work in the shadows manipulating society and governing the world and whose roots can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Babylonia. These revelations alert us to what can bring about a new Holocaust. Fiction or reality? What possible message can you find encoded in the pages of this book?

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