The Prehistory of an Egyptian Oasis


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Author  Romuald Schild
Publisher  Ossolineum
Publication Date   October 24, 1981
ISBN  8304007681
Pages  184


First and only printing of 500 copies. "The Prehistory of an Egyptian Oasis' contains the final report on the research conducted by the Combined Prehistoric Expedition to Bir Sahara basin, in the Western Desert of Egypt, jointly sponsored by Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, the Institute of History of Material Culture, Warsaw, Poland, and the Geological Survey of Egypt, Cairo. The materials recovered during the field seasons of 1973 and 1974 have been stored in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, in the Department of Anthropology at Southern Methodist University, and in Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw." CONTENTS: I Introduction II The Geomorphology III General Geology of Bir Sahara and Adjacent Areas IV The Micro-Morphology and Litho-Stratigraphy of the Bir Sahara Basin V Chronological Attribution of the Bir Sahara Depositional Sequence VI Paleoenvironments of the Bir Sahara-Bir Tarfawi Basin VII Final Acheulean and Mousterian of Bir Sahara 1 Notes on Techniques of Presentation and Study 2 Site Reports 3 Mousterian Settlements of the Bir Sahara Basin: Discussion and Conclusions / Bibliography / Non-Marine Mollusks and Vertebrate Remains from Upper Pleistocene Deposits and Middle Paleolithic Sites at Bir Sahara and Bir Tarfawi, Western Desert, Egypt / Plates

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