Tales from Norway (Book published June 15, 2018)


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Author  Anne-Lise Bay Braathen
Publisher  Mimi's Saga
Publication Date   June 15, 2018
ISBN  8230337713
Pages  36

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TALES FROM NORWAY of Vikings, Gods, Giants and Trolls
- is a new Viking book for kids. It`s an illustrated book about Norwegian history - written in an entertaining way for kids. It`s about the famous Viking Harald Fairhair and Princess Gyda, the Norse gods Odin on his eight-legged horse, Thor with the hammer, Freya with her cats, the dangerous Sea Serpent, giants and scary trolls. There are spectacular illustrations throughout the book.

The book is intended for children ages 7-12, but is entertaining for all ages.

Language: English.

The tales are based on facts and myths primarily from the Icelandic sagas. The storytelling is a dialogue between a grandma from Norway and her grandkids living in the United States. It`s a mixture of myths, legends and history in an entertaining way - a modern version of the Norwegian storytelling tradition that has been passed on by families for centuries.

Spectacular illustrations of Vikings, gods, giants and trolls add visualization to the stories. There is also a map that shows where the events described in the book took place, and also where the Vikings travelled for raids, trade and emigration.

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