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Author  Vijay Singal
Publisher  Vision India Publications
Publication Date   March 15, 2013
ISBN  8190587722
Pages  210


This book is no ordinary work on hinduism it, in fact, is an academic study, done in a dispassionate and comprehensive manner, of an inclusive way of life, which has evolved along-with the evolution of mankind it brings, to the doorstep of a common reader, the travails of the history, creative genius behind mythology, essence of philosophy, various means of spiritual attainment and utility or otherwise of practices of this most misunderstood and maligned religion both the strengths and weaknesses of this religion of eternity, sanatan dharma, have been flagged emphatically misplaced perception of multiplicity of gods has been demolished, with great conviction this book has highlighted the fact that hinduism, though religion of antiquity, is not only equally relevant today, but is also fully equipped to face the challenges of future such a perspective can instill bonding, pride and confidence in adherents of this great stream of liberal thought it can also help others in acquiring an appropriate understanding of this great tradition of universal brotherhood

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