Karma Yoga (Book published June 14, 1999)


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Author  Swami Vivekananda
Publisher  Vedanta Press - Advaita Ashrama
Publication Date   June 14, 1999
ISBN  8185301891
Pages  131

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It is said in the practice of Vedanta that we have a right to work, but don't have a right to the results of our actions. We have to work as hard as we can, give the work our best quality effort, then step back and let the results take care of themselves. Or in the practice of yoga, offer the results to God.Work purifies the soul. This concept is a bit different than many of us have been taught in the West, but the book offers an interesting approach that can save us from a lot of misery and bring us closer to God. In fact, you don't even need to believe in God to practice this yoga.

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