On Yuang Chwang's Travels in India 629-645...


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Author  Thomas Watters
Publisher  Laurier Books Ltd. /AES
Publication Date   December 3, 2004
ISBN  8175363444
Pages  771

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8.6 x 5.7 x 1.4 inches
Indexes; Maps; 22cm. two volumes bound in one -Table of Content:
Thomas Watters
Transliteration of the Pilgrim's Name
Volume 1
1. Title and Text
2. The Introduction
3. From Kao Chang to the Thousand Springs
4. Taras to Kapis
5. General description of India
6. Lamps to Gandhara
7. Udyana to Kashmir
8. Kashmir to Rajapur
9. Cheh-ka to Mathura
10. Stanesvara to Kapitha
11. Kanyakubja to Visoka
12. Sravasti to Kusinara

Volume 2
13. Varanasi to Nepal
14. Magadha
15. Magadha continued
16. I-Lan-Na-Po-Fa-To Country
17. Ceylon
18. Tsao-Ku-T'A
Index of Abbreviations used
Index of the Chinese forms of the names of Indian persons
Index of Indian Place-Names in their Chinese form
Itinerary of Yuan Chwang
Index of Indian Names and Subjects
Maps 1. The Journey to and from India
2. The Journey in India

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