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Author  Buddha Rashmi Mani
Publisher  Aryan Books International
Publication Date   March 1, 1998
ISBN  8173051283
Pages  162

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Delhi`s history, unlike the histories of many capital cities of the world, such as Baghdad, Cairo and Babylon of the Middle East with broken continuity owing to their irascible nature, protracted feuds and unsustained legacies, has witnessed evolutionary developments from, chalcolithic age criss-crossing the classical civilizations, but more predominantly upheavals of the age of the Rajput kingdoms and the Islamic rule in their sacrosanct nature and the recrudescence of the British rule which gave way to the spirit of nationalism in modern India. The present work is aimed at an attempt to focus light on the panoramic view ot the archaeological investigations in Delhi in the past and also by the author in recent years for better understanding of the cultural heritage lying hidden and gradually being exposed at the threshold of the orient. Profusely illustrated with maps, line drawings and photographs, this book presents a detailed cultural spectrum of Delhi right-from prehistoric times to the Anglo-Mughal phase of history and archaeology. The book embodies the latest researches on the subject and will fascinate not only the scholar and serious student but also the lay reader.

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