Early Man in Eastern Himalayas


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Author  Shri A.K. Sharma
Publisher  Aryan Books International
Publication Date   September 1, 1996
ISBN  8173050651
Pages  204

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The book gives a vivid pictures of the prehistoric past of North-East India and Nepal. Till recent years the activities of Early Man in Eastern Himalayas were shrouded in mystery due to lack of archaeological investigations but recent discoveries have clearly proved that this difficult cold area was also inhabited by Early Man right from the Early Stone Age onwards. Evidences show that the prehistoric cultures of Himalayas and Siwaliks were deeply influenced and related with their counterparts in Indo Gangetic plains and Vindhyas though contact influences of Eastern neighbours are also visible. The author has put all the scattered evidences at one place alongwith his own discoveries in Sikkim and North-Eastern states. The work done by different agencies point towards the vast potentialities of the region regarding the activities of Early Man, which needs to be systematically investigated in order to solve many riddles. Nepal and Bhutan appear to be very rich areas. Meticulously researched, the book is based on the critical use of vast scientific data unearthed by various scholars during last one hundred years. Profusely illustrated with maps, line drawings and photographs and covering the available research material up to 1995. It also removes the so far held wrong views about the area which was thousands of years back as inhabitable as other areas of to the subcontinent. The book would be welcomed by scholars and students of archaeology of North-East India and Nepal.

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