Manipur- The Glorious Past

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Author  A.K. Sharma
Publisher  Aryan Books International
Publication Date   February 1, 1994
ISBN  8173050503
Pages  111

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North-East-India in general and Manipur in particular is a treasure house of archaeological wealth right from the beginning of civilization in the Indian sub-continent. Scanty archaeological investigations in the region, even after independence, resulted in formulation of faulty theories about the historical past of the area, based on the ideas propagated by the colonizers and on the basis of unreliable records. Explorations and excavations conducted by the author on behalf of the Archaeological Survey of India in collaboration with the State Department of Archaeology, at Sekta in Manipur in 1991, had for the first time brought to light, apart from scores of sites, archaeological evidences of glorious past cultures of early historical period. Scientific results of the excavation, described in detail in this book, it is hoped, would be able to dispel many wrong notions and theories so that the past could be seen in correct perspective. Being the first detailed archaeological investigation in the area, it was received enthusiastically by the scholars, students and common people of Manipur. The present volume covers in detail the excavations and includes full analyses of the pottery, the metal work, the objects from the burials, the environmental evidence and all other finds. The profusion of duly annotated illustrations make the text more meaningful and illuminating. It is hoped this book will be able to fill a part of the gap in the history of Manipur.

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