Abusir XIX

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Author  Miroslav Barta
Publisher  Czech Institute of Egyptology
Publication Date   December 18, 2010
ISBN  8073083256
Pages  387

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The tombs published in this volume of the Abusir series have been excavated during several seasons at Abusir South. The eight tombs are located in the easternmost sector of Abusir South, on the slopes (tombs AS 20 and AS 33) and at the bottom (tombs AS 34-35, 50-53) of a large but low hill, to the north of the so-called Wadi Abusiri. They do not form a single cemetery; rather, they represent different groups of sacral structures that illustrate very well the diachronic development of the Abusir South necropolis during the Old Kingdom (for earlier monographs covering previous excavations see Abusir V and XIII) and the Late Period-Ptolemaic era. Most if not all of the structures document in a new way important archaeological and historical themes, such as the origin and development of the false door tradition; early administration (tomb AS 20); unique building development of early Old Kingdom tombs (AS 20 and 33); the late Old Kingdom sociology of family cemeteries (tombs AS 34-35 and 50-53), and the appearance of new Late Period animal cemeteries (tombs AS 33, 34-35 and 50-53).

Miroslav B√°rta is professor of Egyptology and director of the Czech mission to Abusir. Filip Coppens and Hana Vymazalov√° are researchers in the Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. All the authors are members of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, excavating for many years in Egypt.

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