Abusir XVI

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Author  Tarek El-Awady
Publisher  Czech Institute of Egyptology
Publication Date   December 1, 2009
ISBN  8073082551
Pages  264

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The sixteenth volume in the Abusir series contains the publication of the blocks with relief decoration found by the Supreme Council of Antiquities along the causeway of the pyramid complex of Fifth Dynasty ruler Sahure in Abusir. The first part of the volume provides an introduction and overview of the development of the Old Kingdom royal mortuary complexes, with specific attention to the royal relief programme and the causeways of these complexes. The second part of the book consists of a detailed study of the newly discovered reliefs, which include, for instance, some scenes of Sahure's royal fleet, the rewarding of members of the expedition to Punt, military exercises and training of nautical crews, processions with funerary furniture and the pyramidion and members of the family of Sahure.

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