Abusir XVII

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Author  KvÄ›ta Smolarikova
Publisher  Czech Institute of Egyptology
Publication Date   December 1, 2008
ISBN  8073082381
Pages  401

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The first volume includes the description of the archaeological situation and finds from the main burial chamber and the place of funerary cult in front of the eastern enclosure wall of the tomb (L. Bare), including the subsidiary burial chambers (K. Smolarikova). Separate chapters deal with, among others things, the pottery (K. Smolrikov), amulets (V. Gae Callender), analysis of anthropological finds (E. Strouhal), architectural reconstruction and restoration works (M. Balik, M. Dvorak) and the Book of the Dead from the subsidiary burial chamber of Neferibreseneb Nekau (J. Janak a R. Landgrafova). The second volume is currently in preparation and will be dedicated to the texts and decoration on the walls of the burial chamber and sarcophagi of Iufaa.

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