Unearthing Ancient Egypt

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Author  Miroslav Verner
Publisher  Czech Institute of Egyptology
Publication Date   October 29, 2008
ISBN  8073082063
Pages  252

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The first half-century of existence of the Czech Institute of Egyptology is described in this volume. The Institute started in Nubia, taking part in the rescue expeditions of the UNESCO campaign saving the monuments of Nubia endangered by the rising waters of the Aswan dam. However, it was the site of Abusir, in the heart of the Memphis pyramid fields, which became almost synonymous to the Czech Institute of Egyptology. The excavation works in Abusir cover a wide range of archaeological treasures, from the royal pyramid necropolis, over the tombs of the 3rd millennium nobles to the 1st millennium shaft tombs. All this is presented in this lavish volume full of detailed photographic documentation.

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