The square pulse weigh


The square pulse weigh (author: Liu Yuanhui) (pricing; 180.0) (social: Chinese Ancient Books Publishing House) (9787801747334)(Chinese Edition)

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Publisher  Ancient Chinese medicine Press
Publication Date   January 1, 2000
ISBN  780174733X


Paperback. Pub Date :2009-09-01 Publisher: ancient Chinese medicine Press square pulse weigh [Paperback] ~ Liuyuan Hui (Author) pricing; the 180.00 basic information Press: Chinese Ancient Books Publishing House; 1 edition (September 2009 1 May ) Paperback body Language: Chinese Folio: 16 ISBN: 9787801747334 barcode: 9.787.801.747.334 ASIN: B0047GMAZG Product Description square pulse weigh note-this one. regardless of volume. now hidden in the library of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Book Department early Qing Liu Yuanhui (Yimen) to organize and add to Naishi Jiang Yiwei posthumous from about a dynasty. the first year of the Government House (1828). Before the Liuyuan Hui preface outlined Jiang Yiwei biography. Jiang Yiwei. Jiao the Kawanishi Township (now part of Ningbo. Zhejiang). early years learning Confucianism. followed by Tommy learning Qihuang of...

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