The official porcelain samples and royal ceramics...


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Author  gu gong bo wu yuan
Publisher  Forbidden City Press
Publication Date   January 5, 2011
ISBN  7800476383
Pages  199


Royal Ceramics Samples"" was a work studying the the imperial kiln system of the Qing dynasty through the comparison between the lord sample and the royal sample. Although setting about from the ceramic samples of Qing dynasty, the writer also focused on the source of the offical porcelain samples throught successive periods and investigated the handicraft system of differnt government and develoment charateristics of samples in differnt periods, thinking from the big historic background of the special handicraft production history. The book proceeded from the individual relic object and extended to the palace buildings, the royal material manufacture and collection system, royal life etc, so that the view was wider and the content was more abundant.

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