Study on the Image of Chariots and Horses...


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Author  lian chun hai
Publisher  Guangxi Normal University Press
Publication Date   May 1, 2012
ISBN  7549515417
Pages  199


The riding rite is a new topic for researches on Chinese painting after the study of chariot manufacture. With the image of chariots and horses as the main research object, this book systematically discusses the chariots and horses of Han dynasty as well as the etiquette in riding, namely the riding rite. Dividing the development of riding rite in Han dynasty into the three vertical stages and two horizontal levels, the book discusses several important academic issues, such as the meaning and reason for the termination of sacrificed chariots and horses in Han dynasty, and the time, cause, characteristics and meaning (or purpose) of the prosperity of chariots and horses portrait. At last, the construction of Han dynasty ritual system is completed combined with the discussion of cultural tradition, political system, and the customs and habits, and riding rite.

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