The ancient masters of calligraphy genuine...


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Publisher  Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House
Publication Date   January 1, 2000
ISBN  7549402744


Paperback. Pub the Date: July. 2012 Pages: 113 Language: Chinese in Publisher: Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House Chronicles famous calligraphy really goods pass solution series: Mi Fu. Wu Kui (Running Script) content is more abundant. many involving data. calligraphy masterpieces traced Jin Tang. chasing the Song and Ming. after all toward ten calligraphy were important moment. and have a greater impact on future generations. so their work is exemplary. Comprehensive system of the book and explained in layman's language you ancient masters of calligraphy techniques and its characteristics. easy for readers to understand and grasp the structure of the body calligraphy and creative method. in order to provide the necessary theoretical guidance calligraphy creation. Contents: Mi Fu in Running Script pale ink Akiyama poem quote the original posts meters Fu in Running Script pal...

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