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Publisher  Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House
Publication Date   January 1, 2000
ISBN  7548014236


The paperback. Pub Date: 2012 07 Language: Chinese in Publisher: Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House Mi Fu (1051-1107). the character Chapter No. Xiangyang diffuse disabilities. Gaishi. Lumen lay. Northern Song Dynasty famous calligrapher. connoisseur. painter. collector. He Song four. Shang Yi faction. but abide by Jin law. since the question Lent number Bao Jin Zhai. Advocating a king. won the two kings Sons pen and Italy. and is especially good at copying. known as its word collection of ancient word. He also advocated a plain naive. summed up on the basis of the two kings charm. His running script king for the foundation. in particular thanks to the young boy. but also participate in the Tang Dynasty Yen Chen-ching. Li Yong. Xu Hao and early Tangou. Chu document intended. Mi Fu on the basis of extensive copying predecessors. Shanhua ancient for a new collection of many lo...

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