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Publisher  Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House
Publication Date   January 1, 2000
ISBN  7548013779


Paperback. Pub Date: 2012 07 Language: Chinese in Publisher: Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House figure Bibo Cheonggyecheon. shore Indus weeping willow. The nine Xi officer in the shade the stream to wash Gunma bath. Or horse Creek provisional or rushed bath horse or sit shore break. A variety of colors. variety of markings on the horse. grazing in the water. the shore. water. the triumph of Changsi. lying legislation stare. very vigorous docile. Riverside seats Verdy as Indus weeping willows. graceful. refreshing and pleasant environment. All image movement there is quiet. the density has caused neither mutually interfere. and each other take care. The movement of people and horses in concert with one another. vividness. highlight the theme. and gave the viewer aftertaste room shows the painter composition skill profound. The volume lower left self-consciousness. Ziang for u...

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