From the Qin and Han dynasties - the Beginning...


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Author  Jin Kai Cheng
Publisher  Jilin Literature and History Press
Publication Date   January 1, 2012
ISBN  7547208908
Pages  136

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The book is a knowledge of Chinese culture Reader Books. This series of book dig the Chinese traditional culture results and a comprehensive display of Chinese culture, the knowledge can be used as a Reader of universal knowledge of Chinese culture. This book introduces the Qin and Han dynasties - the Beginning of the source of the nation since. Qin and Han dynasties collectively known as the Han dynasties, China and Thailand during the domination. Qin integrated the six countries, for the first time the true sense of the reunification of China. Qin Shi Huang to establish the history of Chinas first centralized system of the Qin Dynasty. Qin and Han Dynasty is a unified period in Chinese history. Unified multi-ethnic country is also the foundation period.

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