Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms - chaos storm...


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Author  Jin Kai Cheng
Publisher  Jilin Literature and History Press
Publication Date   January 1, 2012
ISBN  7547208762
Pages  136

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The book is a knowledge of Chinese culture Reader Books. This series of book dig the Chinese traditional culture results and present a comprehensive display of Chinese culture, the knowledge can be used as a Reader of universal knowledge of Chinese culture. This book introduces the Five Dynasties and The Ten Kingdoms - the troubled storm. Perish from the Tang Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty established 50 years, known as the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. During this period, has appeared in the Later Liang, Later Tang, Later Jin, Later Han, after Zhou five dynasties. In this historical period, more than a dozen separatist regime, Former Shu, After Shu, Wu, Southern Tang, Wu Yue, Min Chu, South Han, South Ping, North Han, collectively referred to as the Ten Kingdoms.

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