A Well-known Group of Literati - Seven Sages...


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Author  Pan Jingyan
Publisher  Jilin Publishing Group Ltd.
Publication Date   January 1, 2011
ISBN  7546341299
Pages  134


This book is part of a book series named ""Basic Knowledge of Chinese Culture"", revolving around the life of seven sages of the bamboo grove as a clue, exploring the unique changing process in the history - from Wei dynasty to Jin dynasty. Drastic bumps during that course between literati represented by seven sages of the bamboo grove and harsh politics are revealed in the book. This book with beautiful and lively words in the form of excellent pictures and accompanying essays, comprehensively explains Chinese culture in terms of material culture, system culture, behaviour culture, spiritual culture, etc. Rich cultural knowledge points can be compared to little shining stars in the sky, which also portrays the sky of Chinese culture with glory and resplendence.

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