Nether World


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Author  [ying ]luo bo te ┬Ětan pu er
Publisher  Shanghai Scientific and Technological Education Publishing House
Publication Date   June 1, 2004
ISBN  754284427X
Pages  199

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This book is about the nether world and divination with internal organs in the ancient West. The author details exquisitely-designed constructions for declaration in the nether world, promulgation in the nether world, specific methods of divining with internal organs and substantial examples of making fundamental policies with such methods. He also explores their far-reaching influence over the Western society and politics. In the meanwhile, this book also discusses the suggestion of the natural world-symptom and omen in a certain length, and vividly describes the relations between the mankind and natural forces. Limited by the era, the ancients usually ventilated their deep sighs for the unpredictable world, and foretold the future with different approaches when facing great changes in the course of time. This book gives an introduction to customs and methods of foretelling the future in the Eastern and Western cultures.

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