Yuan Dynasty. Zhao Mengfu-The Bathing of Horses...


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Author  Zhao Mengtiao
Publisher  Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
Publication Date   April 1, 2013
ISBN  7535658768
Pages  199

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The picture describes the scene that the hostlers are bathing horses. It shows the typical style of Zhao Mengfu in his drawing of characters and horses. In this picture, the horses are in different postures and their expressions are lively. Some of them are standing in the water, some are drinking water and grazing grass, some are raising their heads to neigh and some are standing there to look around. The hostlers lead the horses to the stream, and some of them are bathing the horses and some are having a rest by the side of the stream. The characters and horses are filled in different color, and the color is rich but elegant and beautiful, making the color not so eye-catching. The picture is fine in drawing, thick and smooth in color and fresh and beautiful in style.

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