Ancient rubbings tasting note translation...


Ancient rubbings tasting note translation(Chinese Edition)

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Publisher  Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
Publication Date   January 1, 2000
ISBN  7535654886


Paperback. Pub Date: 2012 08 Pages: 264 Language: Chinese Publisher: Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House. the ancient rubbings tasting Interpretation of gathering Jin. Northern Wei Sui. Tang. Song of twelve books and 14 original signatures inscriptions . Text obstacles for the general reader can read the original text are for annotation and modern translation. To provide the reader with specific feelings and cognitive attainments and artistic features of the inscriptions on the signatures of the calligraphers are briefly Review. and also to comment on the various signatures inscriptions. and each attached a photocopy of handwriting. Contents: Stele of Zhang Qian Wang Xizhi Orchid Pavilion Preface Wang Xizhi 17 posts set of Wang Xizhi holy church order 90% of the the Raptors monument Zhang Zhi Yong true grass Thousand Character Classic Ouyang Xun official Liquan Ming Sun the tri...

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