Mi Fu Cursive Script -The Best of Rubbings...


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Author  he hai lin
Publisher  Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House
Publication Date   January 6, 2012
ISBN  7532636593
Pages  199


This book is one of The Best of Rubbings in Past Dynasties series, and is a collectors edition that adopts four-color printing and carries annotations by experts. Mi Fu (1051~1107), referred to as the Xiangyang Dweller and Haiyue Recluse, born in Taiyuan and lived in Runzhou (Now Zhenjiang, Jiangsu), once an under-secretary of the Ministry of Rituals. Accomplished in poetry and calligraphy, he is known as the Four Great Calligraphers of Song Dynasty with Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, and Cai Xiang. This Vol. is cursive script. Chengqinwang, the Royal Highness in Qing Dynasty praised that this book of rubbings by Mi Fu is second to none in the world.

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