The Stele Collection of Diamond Sutra in Mount...


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Author  Ben She
Publisher  Tianjin Peoples Fine Arts Publishing House
Publication Date   January 1, 2012
ISBN  7530546651
Pages  199


The Diamond Sutra in Mount Tai is a cliff stone tablet. It was carved in the brook bed of Shi Jingyu granite of Mount Tai in Taian County of Shandong province. The content is the diamond prajna-paramita. The handwriting is 3.3 meters long. The stele contains half clerical scripts and half regular ones. The turning points of the strokes are smooth, round and powerful, giving the sense of seal characters. The structure of the characters is powerful and extended. And it is one of the finest models of regular scripts of Wei style. This book is able to put the article into couplets, combining the unique calligraphy in China with the art of couplets. With the article and calligraphy, this book can be said to have achieved complement of the two. For those who will copy this stele, this book can be a bridge from copying to creation, making stele calligraphy practical and interesting.

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