100 Interesting Questions about Ancient Architecture...


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Author  Sun De Gang
Publisher  Gold Wall Press
Publication Date   October 1, 2012
ISBN  7515505265
Pages  158

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It is often said that knowledge is power. In fact, it can be said that knowledge is fun. It is of course good that you can possess power by acquiring knowledge, but without fun, it would be a little worse in life. This book, 100 Interesting Questions about Ancient Architecture in Chinese Culture (Volume of Dwellings), is a little book of the knowledge bar series, which can increase fun in life: the contents involved are common knowledge of cultural history in terms of disciplines, i.e. anecdotes and interesting news in the areas involving peoples basic necessities of life, such as food, drinking, clothing, dwelling and traveling, etc. in ancient history. Since this area covers such a wide range of things, this little book is just involved in the highlights of them, including clothing, food and drink, architecture and transportation, etc. The books concerning other areas will be edited in succession. This book was edited by Prof. Li Shan of Beijing Normal University.

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