The Stele of Han Zhang Qian -Inscription Rubbing...


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Author  Yi Mei Lian
Publisher  China Bookstore
Publication Date   May 1, 2012
ISBN  7514903488
Pages  199

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The Stele of Zhang Qian Zhuan Ode to Han Hub City Long Oscillation Zhang Jun, also called as Ode to Zhang Qian, inscribed at Wuyan (ZhijinShangdong Dongping) in 3 years Zhongping of eastern Han dynasty (186), unearthed in Ming dynasty, now kept in Shandong Taiandai Temple. Stele words of The Stele of Zhang Qian records performance of Zhang Qian. seal character structure is infiltrated into character font in The Stele of Zhang Qian, words are square in shape, writing edges and corners clear, having features of orderly, straightness, square and flat.

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