A Comic Book in Chinese History 43


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Author  Sun Jiayu
Publisher  Zhaohua Juvenile and Childrens Publishing House
Publication Date   November 1, 2011
ISBN  750561682X
Pages  108

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It is prosperity in the early reign of Ming Dynasty: the Hongwu governance, Yongle governance and Renxuan governance have created a flourishing age with peace and tranquility at home and all nations in the world come to pay respects. The monarchs centralization is strengthen in its early reign with the emperor arrogating all authority to himself. After Emperor Xuande, the imperial power begins to be weakened by the constant struggles between the Court Officials and the eunuches. With the shocking change of Tumu Fort, the drawbacks of eunuchs dictatorship begin to appear. After that, relying on individual efforts of some emperors and ministers, the Ming Dynasty has revived for several times. But the rises and falls finally exhaust the eventful dynasty. Finally, the year 1644 witnesses its ending of nationwide ruling regime.

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