Artefacts of Ancient Chinese Science and Technology...


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Author  Ma Zishu
Publisher  Morning Glory Publishers,China
Publication Date   March 1, 1998
ISBN  7505405659
Pages  126


The achievements of ancient Chinese science and technology are the common wealth of the whole of mankind. They belong to China and the world. In the course of its development China has absorbed the fine fruits of labor of many nations and regions. At the same time through various channels China has offered the fruits of her labor to mankind. Her rich data of ancient astronomical observation, accurate mathematical calculation, unique seismological observation and data, advanced ship building technique, and gear wheel system, in particular her fours major inventions ?€? paper making, printing, compass and gunpowder, exerted a huge impact on the development of world science and technology and prompted the progress of the civilization of the whole world. Her important scientific and technological achievements have won world recognition. The feats of her scientists are duly respected. Ancient Chinese science and technology have become the subject of study by the whole world.

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