Orchid Ancient Writing Column


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Author  MO LEI
Publisher  China Forestry Publishing House
Publication Date   January 1, 2000
ISBN  7503847727


Paperback. Pub Date: Jun Pages: 262 Language: Chinese in Publisher: China Forestry Publishing House orchid Ancient Writing Column (2) Featured the four orchid ancient influential First incense notes cymbidium mirror. said Yi-lan four. Yi-lan secret of its plus punctuation. annotation and translation. and coupled with a wonderful point translation. Is to understand the the Chinese orchid culture. and good reading material to guide today's cultivation and appreciation of orchids. Contents: the sequencing blue spectrum Austrian law Song Zhao Shigeng (Torr) significant blue spectrum Austrian law on Ming Zhou Lvjing school features reviews - reveals Growing orchid art mysteries Lan Yi Ming Feng Jing first with blue easy Features Reviews - - the yin and yang opposites. unity. change the philosophical point of view Speculative orchids the Lan easy second wing of Ming condition Cree...

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