Shang Dynastys Wars and Military Systems...


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Author  luo kun.
Publisher  China Social Sciences Press
Publication Date   January 7, 2011
ISBN  7500489250
Pages  572


This volume focuses on the Shang Dynastys strategy of expanding territory, the nature of wars in each period, the scale of wars, the methods of wars, the whole processes of important wars (such as the overthrow of the Xia Dynasty by Shang Tang, the integration of the Yi clan and the Xia clan at the beginning of the Shang Dynasty, the War against Duofang and the war of expanding southern territory in the period of Wuding, the war against Zhaofang in the period of Wuyiwending, the war against Yifang in the period of Diyidixin and the battle at Muye between Shang and Zhou) and the description of the processes of several important wars on Oracle bones. This volume also examines Shang Dynastys military systems, military laws, military rites, defense and guard, the organization of military force, branches of the armed forces, weapons and equipments, logistical support, military training, etc.

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