Hu Missionaries---The Buddhist Scriptures Translator...


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Author  Shang Yongqi
Publisher  Lanzhou University Press
Publication Date   December 1, 2012
ISBN  7311039940
Pages  268


Hu missionaries usually came to ancient China to spread religion by land and by sea. If they came by sea, they would start from Funan (Kingdom of Cambodia for today) or Simhala (Sri Lanka for today) and then reach their destination by way of taking merchant ships. However, if they went by land, they would first go through the Pamirs, and then the south, north and middle part of the ancient Silk Road, after which they would pass by Hetian, Kuche and Yining to Dunhuang. Finally they would reach Central Plains of ancient China or South of Yangtze after crossing Hexi Corridor of Gansu Province. Nevertheless, what on earth were these missionaries like has always been a matter of general interest. This book will give a description of these missionaries from the Western Regions who hurried their steps forward while bearing religious books on their back, which will provide vivid examples for us to know more about this group of people.

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