Silk Road of ancient ethnic studies


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Publisher  Xinjiang People's Publishing House
Publication Date   October 18, 2017
ISBN  7228140966


Paperback. Pub Date: December 2010 Pages: 532 in Publisher: Xinjiang People's Publishing House. The Silk Road: Ancient ethnic studies is one of the Silk Road Studies Series. Books in addition to retain the several topics. and from across the country have published or to be published research. the selection of more than 20 kinds of typical topics included in the Series Books traditional Silk Road of grassland and Oasis Silk Road is the main line. the Western research focus. and focus on systemic highlight the academic writings innovative and theoretical studies. archaeological. historical. ethnic. religious. cultural. artistic multidisciplinary field. Selected for research in the publishing time span. made a comprehensive revision of the reprinted before by the author of the manuscript content. and some even do major revisions. supplementary information. drawing on new resear...

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